SALEKHARD • 9 — 11 DEC 2018
An Example of His Compatriot Called Attention of the Chief Editor From Kyrgyzstan to the Arctic Theme
19 October 2018

A volunteer from Kyrgyzstan participated in the environmental clean-up of Vilkitsky Island. Sergey Titunin, a chief editor of the Information Portal "Russia in Kyrgyzstan", also decided to visit Yamal.

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Congress Participants Will Get into the Chronicles of the Main Yamal Museum
16 October 2018

The question “Who are these people?" won’t have to be asked. The participants of Arctic Media World will learn about each other at the exhibition.

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Jiří Just: “For Czechs Yamal Is an Uncharted Area of Russia”
12 October 2018

Jiří Just, a well-known journalist in Russia, made up his mind to become a participant in the International Circumpolar Mass Media Congress “Arctic Media World”. He wants to see how the Arctic lives in fact.

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Arctic Media World: Two Months Before the Congress
9 October 2018

Two months to the day are left before the large-scale media congress. It’s time to bring intermediate results.

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*The participant's form of the congress is available
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The International Circumpolar Mass Media Congress “Arctic Media World” dedicated to the 88th anniversary of formation of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, will take place in Salekhard from the 9th December till the 11th of December, 2018.

More than 200 representatives of the media community based in circumpolar territories will participate in the event. Journalists from seven countries (Denmark, Iceland, Canada, Finland, Norway, the United States of America and Sweden) and eight Arctic regions of the Russian Federation will be united in one venue in Yamal.

Mass Media Congress was initiated by the Yamal-Nenets branch of Russian Union of Journalists. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and Russian Union of Journalists are organizational partners.

The Congress is aimed to involve representatives of arctic mass media in the discussion of urgent problems of the arctic development with the government and public, to share experience, to build relations and partnership in coverage of different topics of the Arctic agenda between journalists worldwide.

The Congress program will include an extensive business part with a plenary meeting and three sessions on the following topics: economic cooperation of the Arctic countries, the Arctic ecology, and preservation of traditions of indigenous peoples. A cultural program will contain visiting nomadic camps of reindeer herders, presentation of arctic mass media exhibition, a concert with the participation of the best Yamal creative collectives and singers, and many other things.

The focus of the Congress is to show the connection between such processes as the exploration of Yamal and the preservation of national culture of indigenous peoples of the North. That’s why on the first day of the program a daylong tour of the settlement Sabetta will be provided. Guests will visit its International airport and the seaport of Sabetta, considered to be a key object of the Northern Sea Route; existing produce volume of the plant “Yamal-Liquefied Natural Gas” will be observed; the Arctic LNG project will be presented.

A key event of the Congress will be an international professional skills contest for representatives of Russian and foreign media community. The jury panel, consisting of Russian and international mass media experts, will evaluate submitting materials and will be speakers and trainers in the congress activities.

To sum up the business part of the Congress, the Awarding Ceremony of the professional skills contest will be held and congress resolution and cooperation agreement between the regional branches of the Russian Union of Journalists will be drawn up.

The Contest will be held in two stages from August 01, 2018 till October 15, 2018.

Vladimir Kasyutin
Vladimir Kasyutin
Secretary of Russian Union of Journalists; Chief Editor of the journal “Journalism and Media Marketing”

The idea of the congress is great! This is the first large forum in the Arctic latitudes that invites journalists not only from the northern regions of Russia, but from different countries.