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Nadezhda - 2018
Oksana Zavartseva
Oksana Zavartseva
Chief editor of the radio channel "Radio Purga"


The 27th sledge dogs race «Nadezhda» [hope] started in the village of Lorino in Chukotka. «Nadezhda» is one of the most significant and ethnical events of the year. Chukotka residents eagerly wait for it.

This year 12 dog teams participated in the race and completed 653 km running through all the villages of Chukotsky district.

There were five novices competing – the youngest was 18 and the oldest was 66. “Nadezhda” had the award foundation of 1 000 000 roubles and was devoted to the most outstanding mushers of Chukotka land.

This is the mix of five informative blocks, narrating about the history of the race, its rules and some specifics of the sled dog race «Nadezhda».

Text of the radio show


Sled dog race “Nadezhda” [hope]-2018.

Start: Lorino, April, 8.

Finish: in 653 km in the village of Lavrentiya


The first regional sledge dog race “Nadezhda” took place in 1991. Initially, it was the international race with the route from Nome [Alaska] to Anadyr [Chukotka]. Later on, the race was running only on Chukotka territory.


The route of “Nadezhda” changed periodically. It went on the eastern coastline or on the northern one via the arctic villages.

Beginning with 1998 the route covered two municipal districts: Providensky and Chukotsky. In 2010 the route reached Anadyr – the capital of Chukotka. No vehicles are used to make the trail; the trail is made out of sticks, showing the direction. During the snow blizzards, our mushers navigate with the maps and compasses and rely on the leaders of their dog-teams. The dog-leaders must feel the trail, especially if they were there before.   


“Nadezhda” – 2018 [barking].

“Nadezhda” doesn’t have the fixed trail with definite length. The trail modifies each year and its length depends on the weather conditions, the quantity of snow and the financial abilities of the organizing committee.

More often, the trails lie along the coast of the Chukchi Peninsula  - literary on the northeastern edge of Eurasia. Sometimes, the trail goes on the pure ice or very close to the open sea with polynias and ice cracks, where the seabirds and marine mammals spend their winter. In some spots, mushers and their dog team are sinking in the deep snow, while in the other parts on the trail they ride their sledges on the tundra hardly covered with snow. The dogs injure their paws and then mushers put their beloved puppies into the sledge and ride the injured ones on them.


“Nadezhda” – 2018 [barking].

Chukotka dogs are the real stayers. They begin with the gallop on the start and then change it to their main pace – trot. Dogs walk very rarely – they prefer slow trot even on the short distances.


An experienced musher can easily calculate the tempo for the daytime and switch the trot to the gallop on the flat places. The dogs are not afraid of snow. Their hair is very thick on the withers, croup and along the spine. When the dogs fold themselves for the night, then exactly these parts are covered with snow. Thus, dogs are in their personal huts, like Inuit igloo. Neither frost nor wind scares them.  


“Nadezhda” – 2018 [barking].

“Nadezhda” is a significant event in the life of Chukotka, especially for the villages where the race goes through. People in these villages are waiting for the mushers, meet them, help to place the dogs and feed them.

All indigenous peoples know each other in person or by relatives’ stories. Mushers have friends or siblings everywhere in the villages. The latter ones cook dinner and host the competitors for the night.

It is the tradition in Chukotka to meet and see off the mushers with ethnical dances. All village ensembles are looking forward to presenting their dances to these courageous peoples and cheer them up in this harsh arctic competition.  The kids are very happy also. Some of them see the Chukchi people from the coast of the Arctic Ocean for the first time, even though the sibling relationship ties almost all people on the coast.


“Nadezhda” – 2018 [barking].

Current race is to have the next route: Lorino-Lavrentiya-Uelen-Inchoun-Enurmino-Neshkan-Enurmino-Inchoun-Lavrentia. The preliminary finish is on April 17. Every stage of the 27thrace will be devoted to the participants and organizers of the race in different years and also to the honoured mushers of Chukotka.

The 1st stage Lorino-Lavrentiya is devoted to Gennady Inankeuyas, who participated in the race 6 times and was the awardee. The 2nd stage Lavrentia-Uelen is devoted to Yakov Etton, who participated and won the race seven times. Mikhail Telpin, who was the participant, awardee and the winner in 16 races, sponsors the 3rd stage Uelen-Inchoun. Telpin also participated in Yukon Quest, Iditarod and Beringia. The 4th stage Inchoun-Enurmino is devoted to Fyodor Tnarelyo, the participant of five races. He also was the awardee and the winner. The 5th stage Enurmino-Neshkan is devoted to Mikhail Tynetegin, the participant of 17 races, the awardee and the winner. The 6th stage Neshkan-Enurmino is devoted to Grigory Tynesketegin, the participant of the 20 “Nadezhda” races. He also was the awardee and the winner. The 7th stage Enurmino-Inchoun is devoted to the memory of Aleksey Rinutegin, the participant of eight races. The 8th stage Inchoun-Lavrentiya is devoted to the memory of Aleksy Malyvanov, who was the chair of the committee on sports and physical education of Chukotka administration, and also one of the first organizers of the international, intercontinental race.

“Nadezhda” – 2018 [barking].

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